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Viral: Wife Give Her Husba͎n͎d͎ A Gift Because He Is Not A Follower Of Ivana Alawi

If your husba͎n͎d͎ isn’t one to splurge on himself, that’s fine—you can do the splurging for him. And pointed in the right direction, you can splurge smartly on things that he’ll genuinely love, so much so that he’ll be using them on a regular basis.

Just like the story of this couple who went viral on Facebook.

Netizens liked the post of the mister showing off his “prize” for not following actress Ivana Alawi.

Lloyd Mejia shared the gift he received from his wife. A pair of his dream shoes with a funny message upon it. “Dahil di mo pina-follow si Ivana, may shoes ka, Wuv you!”

Here is his post:

Sigurado after nito, mababaw͎a͎s͎an followers ni Ivana.

Thank you Love! ❤️ cutiiieee!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Mejia’s post quickly went viral, netizens couldn’t help but gush about it. Some even tagged their wives on the said post.

Here are some of their reactions:

” ehem ga͎n͎d͎a nung sapatos”

“buti nalang di ko finallow. Sana may shoes din ako”

“Nako kahit unfollow ko LA parin ako ganyan”

“Bibilhan den sana kita ng shoes kaso isa ka den sa followers ni Ivana HAHAHHAA”

“hey babe baka nmn inunfollow ko na si Ivana”

“Labs hindi ko kilala yang Ivana na yan. Alam na hehehe”

Ivana Alawi is an ABS-CBN actress. She is also a famous YouTube vlogger.

She gains millions of followers (mostly men) because of her stunning looks, gorgeous facial features, a͎n͎d͎ the way she interacts with her viewers.

That is why many wives hilariously hate her, it is because their husba͎n͎d͎ is so into her nowadays.

In fact, in our previous article, there’s also a wife posted about his husba͎n͎d͎ liking every photo of Ivana.

We can’t stop them, Ivana is really gorgeous.

Do you agree?

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