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Video Of A Kid’s Reaction To A Jollibee Mascot Goes Viral.

Most of the kids’ favorite hangouts a͎n͎d͎ fast-food chain is Jollibee. They even requested it for their birthday parties or even with the family day out it is the most requested one by our children.

Jollibee might be our country’s most beloved pop culture figure. It’s difficult to imagine a time when birthdays took place without the large bootylicious bee breakdancing a͎n͎d͎ clapping his gloved ha͎n͎d͎s, giving adults a͎n͎d͎ children a good time.

He even surpassed those famous celebrities when it comes to children who would insist to hug a͎n͎d͎ take a picture with him.

Admit it, even some of the adults had these wonderful childhood memories with Jollibee.

Recently, the mascot of the Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee went viral once again when the video of a kid goes viral a͎n͎d͎ circulating in different social media platforms.

Who would have thought that there are some children who are not fond of the famous bee? Yes, it h͎a͎s͎!

A post of a certain Facebook user named Mae Conde shared a video of a kid who seems so afraid with the mascot.

In the said video it can be seen that the little girl cries out so loud while hiding in a divider that blocks between her a͎n͎d͎ the mascot who’s busy playing with other kids.

“‘Yong ibang bata tuwang-tuwa kay Jollibee, ‘yong isa takot na takot,” the caption reads.
Watch the video below:

It can also be seen in the video that the little girl run after she peeps Jollibee behind where she is hiding.

Netizens entertained a͎n͎d͎ gushed about it. Here are some their reactions:

As of this writing, the said video gained almost 1.8 million views, 36 thousa͎n͎d͎ shares, a͎n͎d͎ 32 thousa͎n͎d͎ reactions.

The history of Jollibee is a classic rags-to-riches tale of an ambitious family finding success in greener pastures.

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