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Julia Barretto Unfollowed Joshua Garcia And Janella Salvador On Instagram. Netizen Claims It Was Because Of Jealousy.

Did just Julia Barretto unfollowed Joshua Garcia a͎n͎d͎ Janella Salvador on Instagram?

As we are all aware of, Julia Barretto’s previous boyfriend is Joshua Garcia. But when they broke up, they have also broken up as a love team. Currently, Joshua is paired with Janella Salvador in the primetime show “The Killer Bride” a͎n͎d͎ in a post, he wrote this about her current leading lady as a tribute for their show w͎a͎s͎ about to end, “I am lucky to have a friend like you.”

And with this, some fans quickly noticed how Joshua w͎a͎s͎ removed from the following list of Julia’s Instagram account.

Apart from Joshua, fans also pointed out that Julia w͎a͎s͎ no longer following her close friend Janella Salvador.

This issue hurriedly elicited mix reactions from netizens. Here are some of their comments:

“Chos gumagawa tayo ng issue para mapag usapan.”

“BFF sila ni Janella. What happened?”

“Yung pretty tanggalan mo ng r, petty na lang. At si julia yun.”

“Bakit kaya? Selos? LOL”

“The nerve! Amoy ampalaya si ateng. Lol!’

“Wrong move kahit promo. Lalo nagiging nega.”

“Daming hinanakit ni Tulya”

“Magbestfriend pa naman yan si Janella a͎n͎d͎ Julia. Don’t tell me masisira sila dahil lang sa post ni Joshua na obviously he w͎a͎s͎ just paying tribute lang naman since mageend na The Killer Bride”

In real life, Janella a͎n͎d͎ Julia are best friends same goes between Julia a͎n͎d͎ Joshua whose relationship ended not well but were able to remain friends.

Meanwhile, the former couple shared thoughts about their meeting after their split as Joshua said during the gra͎n͎d͎ press con of their film: “Okay naman kami. Okay kami.”

Julia meanwhile described Joshua as her “comfortable place.”

What could be the reason behind this? Was it jealousy or a promotion strategy for her upcoming film “Block Z“?

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