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Is it True? A Reliable Source Confirmed That KC Concepcion And Apl De Ap Is In A Relationship

KC Concepcion w͎a͎s͎ not able to attend the birthday tribute on ASAP for her mom Megastar Sharon Cuneta a͎n͎d͎ allegedly the reason behind this w͎a͎s͎ this man.

On Sunday, friends, a͎n͎d͎ family of the Megastar gathered to celebrate her birthday on the Kapamilya Sunday musical variety show. Sharon’s husba͎n͎d͎ Kiko Pangilinan w͎a͎s͎ there. Their children, Frankie, Miel, a͎n͎d͎ Miguel were also present in the tribute segment for Mega.

However, many Sharonian fans that her eldest child w͎a͎s͎ not there – KC Concepcion. In line with her absence, the daughter of Mega with ex-husba͎n͎d͎ Gabby Concepcion apologized.

KC mentioned in her Instagram post which w͎a͎s͎ her apology to her mother that she w͎a͎s͎ not able to come due to “personal reasons”. However, she did not elaborate on that aspect in her post.

“Happy birthday, mama. ♥️ I’m sorry I couldn’t join the ASAP celebration for personal reasons. We may not be perfect, but in the many ways I know how to LOVE you, I have, I do a͎n͎d͎ I always will. I have done all I can to help you when I could a͎n͎d͎ to make you proud knowing you had me so young. If I fail, I’m only human a͎n͎d͎ I’m sorry. But I try my best. Happiest birthday to you mama. May your light shine brighter a͎n͎d͎ brighter a͎n͎d͎ I will see you soon. I love you a͎n͎d͎ pray for your happiness always.”

Because of this, some netizens speculated that this certain man is the reason why she w͎a͎s͎ not able to attend her mom’s birthday tribute. KC Concepcion is being linked now to Black Eyed Peas member

A reliable source finally confirmed that actress KC Concepcion a͎n͎d͎ International Fil-Am Artist Apl De Ap are already a few steps away from officially becoming a couple.

What can you say?

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