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Crisha Uy Finally Said Her Piece Regarding Her Recent Break Up With Actor Joem Bascon

It took her six tries, across the months since her split with Joem Bascon. The five other recordings, she could not even move past the first few seconds before turning into a crying mess.

Judging by her newest vlog (the sixth try), titled “The Breakup Story,” it w͎a͎s͎ clear just how much Crisha Uy loved the actor a͎n͎d͎ how she struggled to accept that he simply “fell out of love.”

Crisha Uy finally said her piece regarding her recent break up with the actor Joem Bascon.

“I’m sorry it took me a while to share my video, to share my vlog kasi because I w͎a͎s͎ really emotional a͎n͎d͎ siyempre when you’re emotional baka may masabi tayo na hindi natin gusto ma-share or masabi a͎n͎d͎ ayoko naman masabi yun. But now I think I’m ready to share to you my breakup story,” she started.

Crisha, who w͎a͎s͎ with Bascon for more than eight years, w͎a͎s͎ still visibly heartbroken over their breakup in the video, failing to hold back her tears in several parts.

In a more than 11-minute footage, Crisha said she had to speak to answer the questions she had received.

Crisha said her intentions for vlogging her story w͎a͎s͎ not about asking for attention or pity, but more to inspire people going through the same challenges that she is going through a͎n͎d͎ how to move on a͎n͎d͎ stay positive.

Crisha also said that even though they already called it quits, she doesn’t have any single regret about their relationship.

“Mahirap sabihin pero wala na tayo magagawa if he fell out of love. Hindi ko naman puwede pilitin yung tao na hindi na ako mahal. Mahirap tanggapin pero kailangan tanggapin,” she quipped.

Uy also confirmed the speculations that it w͎a͎s͎ Joem who initiated the break up between them.

What can you say?

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